A Fifth Grade Story

Learning in the Art Room

One Point Perspective Painting

A reflection on learning.

The images in this movie where taken using a digital camera and student where interviewed using a flip video.

Sample Questions:

Where did you begin your painting?

What happened as you worked on your painting?

Tell me about your painting?

Student Stories:

Interviewing the students resulted in a rich array of stories and also became a great form of assessment on what they had learned.

“I learned that some colors don’t really work together. I used darker in the middle and lighter on the edges”.

“I started again, I really appreciated starting again, I used a different brush this time”.

“I learned that sometimes you can just let the brush take you were you want to go. Even if you don’t have a plan it can still end up being really cool”.


Less than half of the students understood the concept one point perspective.

Integrating Technology using  digital cameras  and a flip video.

Students worked in pairs to take three images of one point perspectives around the school playground. They were really surprised how many they could find and made new connections to their environment. The flip video was a great form of assessment as students described the horizon line and one point perspective as they filmed. Fifth graders gained a greater understanding using a digital camera once the image was on the monitor or printed.